Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are you located?

3422 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113. We’re the building with the blue awning and the sweet (nerdy) Lord of the Rings art on the door!

Is there parking?

We have no parking lot, but there’s parking all up and down Broadway, plus there’s a public parking lot a short walk away from us located right here!

Can I make a reservation?

Sorry, no reservations. We’re first-come-first-served. We’re busiest on Fridays and Saturdays, so if you want a guaranteed seat, come early!

Can I bring my doggo?

No dogs allowed inside. Sadly our mascot hound Guybrush can’t even be inside (so he’s getting a lot more quality time with the couch at home).

What’s your age policy?

No minors allowed after 8pm. 21+ only after 8pm!

Do you only have beer?

No! In addition to our 20 beers on tap, we also have a full bar, plus a selection of spirits, wine, ciders, sake, mead, Japanese whiskies, Malort, etc.

Do you serve food?

We don’t have a kitchen.

Can I bring in outside food?

Of course! Please clean up after yourselves though– and it’d be super cool if you didn’t shove an entire pizza box into the trash can. Also, NO OUTSIDE DRINKS. Guys, we’re literally an establishment that sells drinks, please don’t bring in your own.

Can I bring in my own board game?

Yes! Absolutely!

Do you have swag?

We sell t-shirts and stickers onsite! Represent Englehood with a nerdy Tabletop t-shirt, or buy a bunch of stickers to plaster on your enemy’s car bumper.

Why don’t you have arcade games built into the bartop anymore?

They were a pain in the ass! Monitors constantly burning out, computers overheating, controls breaking, etc etc etc. But we still have upright arcade cabinets, plus various gaming consoles sprinkled around the bar.

Can I put my full pint of beer on top of your arcade games?

I will cut you.